In one sentence: If Max Martin produced a Beach House album.

The longer version:

Forget, Forget is an indie synth-pop duo from Portland, ME consisting of Tyler DeVos (guitar, vocals) and Patia Maule (synths, vocals, programming).  Their music is equal parts dance party and introspection, defined by analog warmth, intertwining instrumental parts, vocal harmonies, swirling textures, and reflective lyrics.  They play frequently in the Northeast US.  Their second full-length album, "You're Not Gone", will be released in July 2017.

"Guitarist-vocalist Tyler DeVos and keyboardist-vocalist Patia Maule are an indie synth-pop duo that click on all counts – extremely catchy tunes, lovely dual vocals, subtle washes of keyboards over delicate guitar filigrees.  ...This duo have merged elements of analogue and digital technique into an extremely satisfying combination.  ...Their sound palette [includes] a woven tapestry of softer hues and hard hitting deliberation that ties in ‘80s styles of rhythm programming with current intents. ...The band’s reflective graces are simply too enchanting to beg comparison or neglect."

-Harry C. Tuniese, The Noise Boston

Photo by Richard Fortin