We released these two songs as a short EP on Bandcamp in January 2017.  It had been a couple of years since our first release and our sound had evolved quite a bit since then, so we wanted to release a few songs that reflected our evolution as a band even though we didn't have the means to put out a full album at that point in time.  In these two songs, you can hear our first forays into using synths, but on the whole our sound at this point in time was still rooted in more traditional keyboard, guitar, drum, and bass sounds.

Tyler DeVos - guitar, vocals

Patia Maule - synth, keyboard, vocals

Aaron LaChance - drums

Dominic Grosso - bass

All songs by Forget, Forget.

Recorded and edited by Forget, Forget.

Mixed by Adam Chick.

Mastered by Jim Begley.