Our debut album was released in September 2013.  The lyrics were all written by Tyler and were inspired by his work with adults with mental illness, work which he continues to this day.


At that time, we were a 7-piece band with a sound that was described by some as "chamber pop" a la Arcade Fire.  

Tyler DeVos - guitar, vocals

Patia Maule - keyboard, violin, vocals

Aaron LaChance - drums

Dominic Grosso - bass

John Nels Blanchette - guitar, vocals

Johanna Sorrell - cello, vocals

McKay Belk - guitar, synth, vocals

Recorded by Forget, Forget.

Mixed by Howard Bilerman at Hotel2Hango, Montreal, QC.

Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music, New Windsor, NY.

"(Forget, Forget has) a richly textured sound, a mix of electric and acoustic instruments and male and female voices that complement each other in wonderful ways. People, this is poetry, the finest kind.  What they've given us on this excellent debut album is quite a lot.  If you give it a chance, you'll be listening to We Are All for many years to come."


-Chris Busby, The Bollard 


"Just one year after forming, Portland-based seven piece Forget, Forget's debut full length, We Are All, bears the mark of careful consideration and commitment.   It is a purposeful collection of songs, with an orchestral indie rock sound...[that is] confident and joyous.  All seven bandmates clearly have an inherent understanding of dynamics; We Are All  is an album that screams with joy as much as it weeps quietly in the corner." 

-Emily Burnham, The Bangor Daily News